Because I love you (사랑하기 때문에)

Dir Ji-hong Joo, 2017, 110 mins, U+15, Korean w/English Subtitles

Cast Tae-hyun Cha, Do-yun Jang, You-jung Kim

Keywords Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

“A delightful, feel-good Rom-com with a dose of body-swapping and exploration of love at all stages in life.”

A talented song writer on his way to propose to his gets himself into an accident and winds up in the ICU. While his body lies in the hospital, his spirit starts hopping from person to person, first landing inside pregnant high schooler Mal-hee. It is clear that once he solves the love in the person’s heart he is ‘exorcised’ moving on to the next soul in need of romantic direction. That pattern repeats with Lee-hyung reconciling a workaholic detective, a sweet but awkward school and an elderly couple rekindling their lifelong commitment in the face of illness. Lee-hyung’s partner in love crime is Mal-hee’s friend Scully, who somehow is able to understand the astral plane goings-on. Will our hero be able to get back to his own body and tie the knot with his fiancé?