Passage to Pusan (부산으로 가는 길)

International Premiere

Dir A Korean Cultural Centre Australia project, 2017, 76 mins, All ages, English w/Korean Subtitles

Cast Louise Evans

Keywords Motherhood, War, Documentary, Australia-Korea relations

“60 years after an Australian mother makes her passage to war-torn Pusan to seek the grave of her son, grand-daughter Louise Evans retraces her steps to uncover their family legacy.”

Strong, big-hearted and Hollywood handsome, Vincent Healy carries the pride of his large Brisbane family on his broad shoulders when he becomes a soldier to serve in multiple war zones. His letters from Japan and the Korean front line keep his mother, Thelma Healy, sane as she endures endless hardship to protect and provide for her other nine children during the years of War. When Vincent, the embodiment of her pride and joy is killed in action, Thelma makes it her life mission to travel 15,000km to a war-torn Korea to see the grave of her son.

60 years later, Louise Evans follows in her grandmother’s footsteps and in doing so uncovers the lasting impact of the Korean War on her family and the changes it has brought to Korea.