Seoul Station (서울역)

*Official Selection
*Melbourne International Film Festival 2016
*Best Animated Feature Film
*2016 Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Dir Sang-ho Yeon, 2016, 92 mins, U+18, Korean w/English Subtitles

Cast Seung-ryong Ryu, Eun-kyoung Shim, Joon Lee

Keywords Animation, Horror, Zombie, Prequel of ‘Train to Busan’

“Hot on the infected heels of last year’s smash-hit Korean zombie movie Train to Busan comes an animated prequel from the same director, Sang-ho Yeon.”
– Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian

The film begins in front of Seoul Station’s terminus building, as a bloodied pensioner shuffles by and collapses. He soon turns into a savage, blood-sucking zombie, setting off chaos that sweeps through the station, first among those squatting in the corridors and then among everybody in the terminus’ vicinity. It is against this backdrop that the film follows the attempts of former sex worker Hye-sun to reunite with her callow boyfriend Ki-woong, before either of them get bitten. A full-on lockdown imposed by the callous Seoul authorities, seemingly unable or unwilling to distinguish between man or monster, complicates matters.