The Age of Shadows (밀정)

Dir Jee-woon Kim, 2016, 140 mins, U+18, Korean w/English Subtitles

Cast Kang-ho Song, Yoo Gong, Ji-min Han

Keywords Drama, Thriller, Action, Independence, Double spy, Historical

“Patriotism and self-interest clash powerfully in “The Age of Shadows,” a stylish and morally complex thriller set largely in Japanese-occupied 1920s Seoul.”
-Mark Jenkins, Washington Post

It’s the end of 1920s, a period marred by the Japanese occupation of Korea. Lee Jung-chool, a Korean who works as a Japanese police captain, is given the special mission of uncovering the Righteous Brotherhood, and begins tracking its leader Kim Woo-jin.

Although he has sold out his own people to secure a favourable position with the Japanese, he’s been hit harder than usual by the death of Kim Jang-ok, a resistance fighter who used to be his classmate. This sparks a shift in Lee, who begins to sit on the fence between the Japanese regime and the independence fighters. With an all-out operation in the works, this one man and his swaying moral compass will determine the winning faction for the liberation of Korea.